How Ease Assists in Communication with the Patient and Family

Being in the hospital is frightening for patients and families alike. It's not unusual for patients to be apprehensive about going, or family members to worry deeply about their loved one who are admitted. This feeling traditional stems from the lack of communication that they have with caregivers.

The Vocera Ease application allows caregivers to communicate with patients and family members. Part of its helpful functionality is customizability, so messages can be personalized. In addition, it’s secure—all messages, photos, and videos disappear 60 seconds after being viewed. It’s free for family members and easy to load on their personal devices, and the app can send messages in an unlimited amount of languages.

Clinicians can also enhance the process of communicating with patients and family members in healthcare, with Ease app two-way video conferencing when patients and families can’t be together.

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By removing the veil and providing transparency you are removing doubt from families.
Cary D’Ortona President Orlando
Health Arnold Palmer Hospital

Health First Case Study

Improving Communication from the Operating Room

A New Mobile Application to Enhance Communication with Patient and Family

Between April and December of 2020, care teams sent more than 34,000 secure updates to patients' families and friends across all 50 states. In addition to use in the operating rooms and cardiac catheterization labs, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) implemented the app.

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Enhance Patient and Family Communication


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