Patrick de la Roza


Patrick de la Roza is the senior vice president and general manager of Vocera EASE, providing executive oversight for a portfolio of solutions focused on creating improved hospital experiences for patients and families. He is passionate about creating and growing a business that positively impacts and helps people while fostering team development, strategic business growth, customer success, engineering, and innovation. Prior to joining Vocera, he was CEO and co-founder of EASE Applications, a medical software company created to make anxiety-filled waiting rooms a thing of the past. Prior to that, he served as an executive director for AdventHealth, one of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Management from the University of Florida and Master’s in Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.

Articles by Patrick de la Roza

Simplify Clinical Communication with Vocera Cloud-Based Solutions

The average clinician navigates among five or more devices and applications to communicate and collaborate during a shift. Fragmentation across infrastructure, devices, integration points, applications, and clinical…

Enhancing Care with Technology
male and female nurse looking at tablet

Reduce Anxiety with Real Time Surgery Updates

If you have ever sat in a waiting room during a loved one’s surgery, you know the wait for updates and information is an excruciatingly nerve-wracking experience. The Vocera Ease application aims to eliminate that anxiety by providing an increased level of access and inclusion. No more waiting (…

Enhancing Care with Technology
nurse scanning patient bracelet

Features and Security of the Vocera Ease App

When incorporating any sort of new technology into a hospital setting it is important to ask “What are the features and benefits of this technology?” and “Is it safe and secure?” You can put your mind at ease with the Vocera Ease application.

Totally Mobile, Easy to Use, and…

Enhancing Care with Technology
African American male, using the Vocera Ease app