Liz Boehm

Director, Vocera’s Experience Innovation Network

Liz Boehm
Liz Boehm is director of research at Vocera. Her life’s work is to restore dignity and respect to the healthcare experience. She has an extensive healthcare background including 15 years as leader of global healthcare research at Forrester Research. Her work focused on patient and consumer behavior, delivery and payment system management, and the role of technology in helping to transform healthcare. This experience made her a national expert on experience transformation. Liz began her career by working as a Peace Corps volunteer in a health center in rural West Africa. Through professional and volunteer work in hospitals, she’s developed a profound respect for the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and staff who commit their lives to caring, as well as the courage of patients who survive and thrive as a result of their combined efforts. Liz holds a B.A. in women’s and gender studies from Amherst College.
Articles by Liz Boehm

When Technology is Humanizing

Through many years of working with healthcare companies on technology and service decision making, I routinely run into an either/or mentality around technology and human interaction.  A transaction is either automated or assisted.  An interaction is either technical...

Is Your Experience Measurement Measuring Up?

Hospitals and health systems spend a lot to collect patient experience survey data.  In some cases the goal is simply to meet a mandate (to provide HCAHPS data to CMS, for example).  But most systems want to gain a lot more from their experience data investments than...

The Power of the Pulse Survey

We often say at ExperiaHealth that if we had $1 to spend on patient experience we would invest it in improving the staff and physician experience.   Team work and care coordination are demonstrated to have some of the highest correlations to patient satisfaction...

Asking Better Questions of Patients and Families

In the field of patient experience research, you never quite know how patients and families will respond to questions about their healthcare experiences.  Usual responses to the usual questions include:  “the care was good,” “the food was cold,” or “I really liked my...

Reflections from a Healthcare Worker: Can we please expunge the term “Service Recovery”? (part 3 of 3)

*guest post by Craig T. Albanese, MD, MBA

I submit that all hospitals must address their broken processes in some manner.  We at LPCH chose lean – there are other types of performance improvement techniques to embrace.  However,...

Reflections from a Healthcare Worker: Can we please expunge the term “Service Recovery”? (part 2 of 3)

*guest post by Craig T. Albanese, MD, MBA

I have been part of the healthcare system for 27 years.  I have unintentionally hurt patients, bowed my head in shame and embarrassment, and have had nowhere or no one to turn to for support, all...

Reflections from a Healthcare Worker: Can we please expunge the term “Service Recovery”? (part 1 of 3)

*guest post by Craig T. Albanese, MD, MBA

Imagine this: A new state-of-the-art hospital is built, keeping the same prestigious name and place in the community as its predecessor.  You fill it with the best and the brightest doctors, nurses...

Rounding for Caring

Rounding, the process of visiting patients and families at the bedside, serves many functions within a healthcare organization.  It can be performed by executive leaders, nurse leaders, multi-disciplinary teams, nurses, environmental services and other clinical and...

Does Your Medical Staff Suffer from Death by 1,000 Cuts?

In our work with medical professionals we see over and over how good people get ground down by suboptimal processes.  Fatigue and frustration can turn the most dedicated nurse into a growling task master, or cause a doctor to fall from on-time-documentation grace.


With Gratitude for Nurses

To our valued Nurse Partners,

We would like to send our sincerest gratitude to all of the nurses with whom we have had the privilege of working with through our partnerships. We are grateful for your tireless commitment to optimizing the healing...


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