Laura Freeland

Blogger, entrepreneur, and mother of Vivienne and Margot

Laura always wanted to be a writer, but resistance helped her find many other things to do: marketing coordinator, marketing manager, amateur graphic designer, branding consultant, graduate students, psychology teacher, school administrator, and student ministries coordinator.

But in the summer of 2020, she brought her twins home after 224 days in the NICU, and quit her job to protect them. In exchange, she is not missing a single milestone in her daughters’ miraculous lives.

Articles by Laura Freeland

Secure Messaging App Connects Loved Ones, Provides Peace of Mind for NICU Parents

In December of 2019, 17 weeks earlier than expected, my husband and I welcomed our twins, Vivienne and Margot. We were told by doctors and nurses that the journey in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 22 and 23 weekers would be very difficult – for the babies and for us. Thankfully, for…

Enhancing Care with Technology
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