Kathy English

Kathy D. English joined Vocera in February 2016 as the vice president of marketing. After seeing how breakdowns in communication put her patients, fellow clinicians, and hospital at risk, she designed her career to help improve care team communication and workflow. Kathy’s passion for creativity stems from her love of music and engaging with people. In addition to a proven track record in global solution marketing and communications, Kathy has more than seven years of experience in direct patient care and nursing management in critical care, surgery and oncology, earning a nursing degree from George Mason University.
Articles by Kathy English

Situational Awareness in Effective Clinical Communication

Situational awareness is one of the seven elements of effective clinical communication explored in a recent report from the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera. The report is...

A Chance to Improve How Care Teams Communicate All Over the World

Years ago, when I was a registered nurse in a Florida hospital, we had a patient who’d been in a car accident. He was in halo-traction, a stabilizing unit intended to keep him from turning his neck. Turning his neck could have caused permanent neurological problems.

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