Karen Wentworth

MPH, MSW, RRT, Director of Patient Experience, Upstate University Hospital

Karen Wentworth is the Director of Patient Experience at SUNY Upstate, where she oversees improvement strategies at two campuses. She earned her first master’s degree in social work at Syracuse University and a second master’s degree in public health from Upstate Medical University.

Articles by Karen Wentworth

SUNY Upstate University Hospital: Strategies for Improving Patient Experience and Engagement

SUNY Upstate University Hospital’s philosophy is centered around meeting and exceeding the needs of patients their families. Karen Wentworth, MPH, MSW, RRT is the hospital’s Director of Patient Experience, and Amit Dhamoon, MD, PhD is an Internist. In this blog, they each share a perspective on…

Transforming the Experience
SUNY Upstate
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