Jennifer Knapp

Director, Strategic Partnerships and Solutions, Vocera

Jennifer Knapp has more than 20 years of experience in health care and technology. At Vocera, she is responsible for building strategic relationships with healthcare ecosystem partners to enhance customer value and expand Vocera’s product platform and market presence. Prior to her role at Vocera, Jennifer led strategic partnerships and market development for Allina Health. At Allina, she spearheaded a variety of programs to support the organization's Accountable Care strategy, from EHR interoperability and a telehealth initiatives, to a new consumer health portal and patient experience strategy. In addition to health care provider experience, she enhanced her knowledge of the payer market in her roles at UnitedHealth Group and Express Scripts, and deepened her technical skills during her seven year tenure at an IT startup. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.


Articles by Jennifer Knapp

Real-Time Healthcare Analytics: Monitor, Predict, Nudge, Act

It was a Monday night, the busiest time in the ED. The ED charge nurse received an alert on her Vocera smartphone app.

The alert was from Qventus, which predicts operational bottlenecks and recommends course corrections....

Three Tips for Reducing Sepsis Risk

Nurse Christine Chan regularly receives clinical advisories from the EHR. They are designed to notify her about steps she needs to take for patients with specific conditions...

Five Ways Effective Use of Alerts Helps Improve Patient Safety

A hospital’s team of respiratory therapists had trouble keeping up with STAT orders. Sometimes the orders were buried within patient records in the EHR. Often the therapists couldn’t access the EHR for hours while engaged with a patient or on a transport. Occasionally they missed...

Extending the Power of the EHR

A respiratory therapy director at one of the largest health systems in the nation recently shared a troubling story with me.

With his hospital’s original computerized provider order entry (CPOE) process, physicians would write orders in a paper chart. Each...

Extending the Power of the EHR
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