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Cognitive Overload Is a Problem for Clinicians; Approaching Technology Differently May Be the Solution

This guest blog is by Brendan FitzGerald, Sr. Director of Research Services at HIMSS Analytics, now part of Definitive Healthcare.

Cognitive overload affecting clinical care team members is an increasing concern for hospitals. Clinicians need to process and…

Enhancing Care with Technology
HIMSS Report

Reducing Alarm Fatigue and Interruptions: Clinicians See a Bigger Problem than IT Does

This guest blog post is by Bryan Fiekers, Senior Director of Research Services at HIMSS Analytics

Before and during HIMSS2018,…

Enhancing Care with Technology
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Why Effective Clinician Communication Matters to Hospitals and Patients

This guest blog post is by Lynne Dunbrack, Research Vice President for IDC Health Insights.

“Someone will page you to let you know when your father comes out of surgery and how he is doing,”…

Saving Steps and Saving Time