Dave Lively

Dave Lively joined Vocera in January 2019 and is the Senior Vice President of Product Management. In this role, Mr. Lively is responsible for defining, championing and executing the company’s product strategy and roadmap. He manages decisions about new products, prioritizes development activities for existing product lines, and determines strategic investments regarding complementary technologies. Mr. Lively also leads product management efforts to garner customer feedback and orchestrate activities of the global product development teams to deliver breakthrough solutions for key growth markets.
Articles by Dave Lively

Amazon and Vocera Elevate the Power of the Patient Voice

Alexa, how is Vocera improving the patient and care team experience?

Vocera has many solutions designed to improve the safety, well-being, and overall healthcare experience for patients, families, clinicians, and other care team members. One of the latest involves a collaboration with…

Enhancing Care with Technology
Vocera skill for Alexa

Using Technology to Help Prevent Falls in the Hospital

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States fall in the hospital each year, and a third to a half of those falls result in injury

Enabling Safety and Quality Care
Using Technology image