Ateret Haselkorn

MPH, MBA, Strategic Marketing Director, Vocera

Ateret Haselkorn

Ateret Haselkorn, MPH, MBA, brings more than a decade of experience in healthcare and technology intelligence, forecasting, strategy, and education. Ateret is a sought-after speaker on a host of healthcare topics, including her research into how innovations in telehealth and in social media enable hospitals to improve care delivery, patient experience, and market position.

Ateret joined Vocera from Sg2 Health Care Intelligence, where she was the in-house expert on technology and innovation. She has worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In this position, Ateret developed the business plan for the use of teleophthalmology for remote diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. Ateret has also served as Manager of Forecasting and Research with Health Technology Center (HealthTech).

Ateret received her dual masters degrees in Public Health and Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University. She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her academic and professional work. She is also a published short story author.

Articles by Ateret Haselkorn

Improving Experience through Innovation

Many healthcare systems aspire to improve patient, family, physician, and staff experience as part of their innovation efforts. Our innovation study revealed there’s more than one approach to reaching this goal.

In the push to find innovative ways to...

A Song of Resilience

Photo Credit: Ronny Krashinsky

For some providers, emotional resilience lies at the intersection of medicine and music. I had the pleasure of listening to a series of piano recitals in San Francisco’s...

Speeding the Diffusion of Innovation

In a previous blog post on innovation I pointed to self-imposed limitations, such as a restrained imagination or disillusionment around the possibility of positive disruption, as...

Empathy is the Root of Efficiency

A recent injury, the result of an active lifestyle and a walking-centered city, has left me unable to put weight on my left foot.  It has also given me the opportunity to experience the world through the lens of temporary disability.  I am fortunate enough to have...

Innovation Is Only Limited By Our Belief In What Is Possible

Healthcare executives know that they must innovate to meet the requirements of a market and regulators that are demanding better services at lower prices.  Why, then, do innovations that have already sparked significant improvements in other industries – such as new...

What is Experience? The Moments That Patients Remember Most

What is experience? Healthcare has a revived focus on improving something that we try to capture in surveys.  But how do we define something that can be as intangible as the feeling that staff offered emotional support?

According to a group of...

Bridging to Home: “Discharge” is Just an Expression

Dorothy is a 94-year old woman with well-managed congestive heart failure.  She enjoys water aerobics and travel.  Her condition recently required her to undergo a successful microvalve surgery. Despite being discharged to a skilled nursing facility, Dorothy was...

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