Arun Mirchandani

Senior Vice President of Products

Arun Mirchandani is Vocera’s senior vice president of products, merging his dual passions for medicine and engineering for the betterment of healthcare communication.  He holds a U.S. patent as co-inventor of an acoustic isolation method in the design of the Vocera Communication Badge. Arun has an MBA from Haas Business School, UC Berkeley; an MS from Arizona State University; and a B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. He joined Vocera in August of 2001 and oversees product management, product R&D, quality/test engineering, program management, and engineering services.

Articles by Arun Mirchandani

Vocera Smartbadge: Voice Calling, Secure Text Messaging, and Alerts and Alarms in a Lightweight Wearable

Sixteen years ago when we introduced the Vocera Badge, nurses told us, “You’re going to change the way nursing is practiced around the world.”

Vocera technology was revolutionary because it enabled nurses (and, in many cases, doctors) to communicate instantly and easily, without...

A Fun Twist to Vocera Badge Voice Commands

The fun twist: Easter eggs. Easter eggs are secret messages or jokes intentionally hidden within software code. The name borrows from the holiday ritual of Easter...

Vocera Badge Voice Commands

Celebrating 18 Years of Healthcare Communication Innovation

When we founded Vocera 18 years ago, our aim was to invent a new kind of communication system. It would be purpose-built for situations where being able to connect instantly matters and seconds count.

We chose to create a system that uses voice and speech...

For Better Healthcare Communication, Make Technology Less Visible

In 2000, before the dot-com bubble peaked, a buddy and I decided to start a company in the packet voice space which had been heating up. We were out hunting for funding from venture capitalists.

I’d been leading the team that developed the Polycom Soundstation...

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