Ammath Keunemany

Information Security Manager for Products, Vocera


Ammath Keunemany is Information Security Manager for Products at Vocera. In his past, he’s done everything from providing help desk support to managing business development, and it’s given him a good perspective on how different areas of a business may view security and compliance. He has a B.S. in history and psychology, a B.S. in business administration with a minor in information systems, and an MBA with a concentration in e-commerce. Ammath has been with Vocera since 2012.

Articles by Ammath Keunemany

7 Tips for Secure BYOD in Healthcare

Healthcare Is Low-Hanging Fruit for Hackers

Healthcare tends to lag some other industries (such as financial services and manufacturing) in terms of regulatory requirements affecting technology, IT security investment, sophistication of policies, and use of available tools for…

Enhancing Care with Technology
7 Tips for Secure BYOD in Healthcare

SOC 2 Validation: It’s About More Than Compliance

Every once in a while, I learn something interesting from my friends in our marketing department. The other day I learned that when people search the web for information about Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2), the most common phrase they use is “SOC 2 compliance.”

Enhancing Care with Technology

Is That Technology Solution Secure Enough for HIPAA? How about the DoD?

Recently I attended a NorCal HIMSS Meetup gathering where the focus was on HIPAA, and had a chance to chat with a few hospital administrators who were discussing compliance. They talked about how…

Enhancing Care with Technology
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