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Help Reduce Interruption Fatigue with a Unified, Event-Driven Alarm Management Solution That’s Easy to Deploy, Manage, and Scale.

Tens of thousands of alarms may occur throughout a hospital in one day, according to The Joint Commission. Yet 85 to 99 percent don’t require clinical intervention.

Reducing interruption fatigue is critical for patient safety and clinician well-being. IT leaders need to be able to cut through the fog of nuisance notifications and make it easy for clinicians to know which have priority. To do it, they need an alarm management solution that can effectively intervene between clinicians and the full set of clinical and operational systems that surround them.

Help Reduce Interruption Fatigue and Improve Responsiveness

Vocera® Alarm Management helps you manage clinical alarms and alerts with an integrated solution that’s easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

Simply put, Vocera Alarm Management enables prioritization and filtering of patient event notifications. It sends only actionable notifications, accompanied by relevant patient, caregiver, and event context so caregivers can respond faster and collaborate better.

With Vocera Alarm Management, you can help caregivers to:

• Reduce interruption fatigue: Notifications are delivered to the most appropriate caregivers on their mobile devices based on their role, title, licensure, department, group, and/or patient assignment. Using advanced rules, the most appropriate recipient based on the event and a clinician’s location is identified. It allows delivery of only actionable alarm and alert notifications and can methodically apply prioritization based on care unit or facility policies.

• Get meaningful, trustworthy information: Vocera Alarm Management is made possible through Vocera Platform Interoperability. Vocera aggregates data from electronic health records, physiologic monitors, medical devices, and other systems, and then applies intelligent rules to this data, enabling caregivers to begin to make sense of the situation.

• Collaboratively respond to patient events: Vocera Alarm Management works in concert with Vocera clinical communication software, providing dynamic context about the event, patient, and care team on the caregiver’s mobile device of choice. This makes it easier for care teams to collaboratively mobilize in response to an event. Patient information includes two identifiers which are automatically included with alarm notifications and texts.

Deploy, Manage, and Scale More Easily with a Single Vendor Solution

Vocera Alarm Management helps you manage clinical alarms and alerts with an integrated solution that’s easy to deploy, manage, and scale.
• Get more value from investments you’ve already made: Vocera Alarm Management is interoperable with more than 150 clinical and operational systems using standard data formats like HL7, TAP, ESPA, SIP, SMTP, and web services such as SOAP/REST. The solution is FDA 510k-cleared for secondary alarm notifications. Reporting tools include a fully documented SQL server reporting platform that’s available with standard reports and the ability to create custom interruption reports. You can also extract analytical data to an enterprise data warehouse.
• Simplify deployment and management: Vocera Alarm Management uses a single virtual appliance to unify alarms and alerts with clinical communication software. A phased deployment approach lets you configure and adjust departmental workflows anytime. Add new departments across the hospital or health system when the timing is right. Streamline the number of locations in which you must manage staff assignments by leveraging integrated nurse call and electronic health
record assignments.
• Scale to support the enterprise: Scale from single departments to an entire integrated delivery network and communicate in the way that works best for your organization. The IDN-scale dynamic directory can support 100,000 users in a directory or roster including care teams and staff inside and outside the hospital, and patients.
• Give clinicians and staff the flexibility to choose the right device for their role: Alarm Management works with Vocera software on the Vocera Badge, VoIP handsets, and iOS and Android devices. You can customize Cisco handsets including on-screen text handset alarm controls, user responses, alarm or alert format, and contextual display data. You can even create different or unique ringtones for specific events.

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