New Rauland Responder, Vocera Integrated Solution

Solution Briefs

Optimizes Work Flows and Enhances Patient Care

A powerful integration between the leading nurse call and communications systems offered by Rauland and Vocera® is designed to improve workflow, and patient and care team experience.

This integrated solution simplifies staff assignments, provides the data required for complete Rauland Responder® reporting on the patient and staff experience in a single location, and preserves workflow capabilities for an optimal Rauland and Vocera experience.

Advanced Interoperability

Designed with input from our customers, this innovative solution improves critical communications, collaboration and workflow efficiencies with a new level of interoperability.

Simplified Staff Assignments

• Responder 5 staff assignments are shared to Vocera, reducing the number of systems into which staff assignments must be made for nurse call workflows.

Improved Workflow & Connectivity

• The new integrated solution preserves workflow capabilities consistent with the experience our end users have come to expect, with enhanced connectivity using SIP technology.2
• Nursing workflows done in Responder 5 leverage the Vocera user benefits in these key areas:
    ––Three levels of alert priority
    ––Delivery of alert context (e.g. “Room 101 in Pain”)
    ––Optional alert annunciation
    ––Up to eight levels of escalation
    ––Rauland escalation based on Vocera user presence, availability and response

Centralized, Simplified Nurse Call Reporting

• Complete reporting for both the staff and patient experience resides in a single location to simplify and reduce complexity.
• In Responder 5 Reports Manager, the hospital is able to view, monitor and trend all the critical activities that impact workflow, along with the performance of the unit, the staff and the resulting patient care.

Flexible, Intuitive Communication Options

• Responder 5 alerts can be sent to the voice-controlled Vocera Badge and Collaboration Suite application for iOS and Android smartphones, providing choice and flexibility based on enduser preference.
• Users can also communicate with other care team members based on their names or roles, inside and outside the hospital, to address patient needs and coordinate effective care.

To Learn More

Please contact your Rauland Responder or Vocera sales representative.


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