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The Vocera® Communication System enables instant, wireless voice communication that users control with naturally spoken commands from the small, wearable Vocera B3000n Communication Badge. The Vocera Communication System consists of three key components: the Vocera System software that controls and manages call activity; the Vocera Badge, a lightweight, wearable, voice-controlled communication device that operates over a wireless LAN; and the Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway server that provides communication between Vocera Badges and other telephony devices. The add-on Vocera Report Server software provides powerful reporting tools that enable customers to manage devices and analyze system usage patterns and performance diagnostics. With Vocera Report Server software, a report scheduler makes it simple to schedule reports that are automatically generated and distributed via email to the appropriate staff.

Features and Benefits

The Vocera Report Server software and the associated report console interface provide administrators, managers, and decision makers the ability to monitor system performance and generate reports for analysis. The Vocera Report Server gathers data and builds reports from data logs created by the Vocera System software. The Vocera Report Server manages the data generated as people use the Vocera System. The report console is a browserbased application used to generate reports and administer the Vocera Report Server. The report scheduler allows administrators to proactively schedule the creation and delivery of reports to an email mailing list. This reduces the amount of time administrators spend creating reports and puts timely reports in the hands of those who need the information.

Key Benefits

The Vocera Report Server provides powerful reporting tools that let you:
• Analyze system usage patterns by user and department, view overall usage by hour, and view call duration for selected intervals
• Determine frequency of calls to groups, departments, and address book entries 
• Identify users, departments or locations that are experiencing speech recognition issues
• Track lost or unused Vocera Badges and view Vocera Badge inventory by department
• Provide proactive notification of actionable information to the right person, at the right time

Key Features

The Vocera System Software generates log files to support the Vocera Report Server. The Vocera Report Server uses this data to generate reports. Some reports identify end-user and network issues related to the Vocera System. Other reports spot usage trends, keep track of Vocera Badges, and monitor call volume.

The system generates the following types of reports:

• System summary —Snapshots of system call volume and speech recognition rates
• Call logs—Information about calls made and received by users, groups, etc.
• Recognition—Pinpoints equipment or users experiencing speech recognition problems
• Device management —Reports based on the device management feature that includes new device attributes such as label, owner, and device status
• Audit —Creates an audit trail of the changes an administrator makes to the Vocera System
• Badge asset tracking —Provides tracking for Vocera Badges that have been placed into service with the Vocera Server

Export Reports

The following raw data can be exported to Excel for customization:

• Outbound calls by Vocera Badge users
• Incoming phone calls
• Recognition results
• Broadcasts
• Device migration
• Device last user access
• Device last network access
• Vocera Badge inventory
• Vocera Badge last used
• Integration message activity

Reporting Admin and Security

Automatic scheduled backups, archiving of old records and restoration of backups or archived data are also supported. Vocera Report Server security is provided via password authentication. In addition, security for the Vocera Server data is provided by a dual-IP registration scheme— this prevents an unauthorized Vocera Report Server from downloading data from a Vocera Server.

System Requirements

The Vocera Report Server must be installed on a dedicated server and should not run any other applications. In particular, do not install the Vocera Report Server on the same computer as the Vocera System software or the Vocera Telephony Server.


By using the Vocera Report Server with the Vocera Communication System, customers can generate reports that will help them understand their usage patterns and adjust the behavior of the Vocera System accordingly, creating the best environment for system users.

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