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The security of patient health information is of vital importance to healthcare providers. The healthcare industry, valued at three trillion, has become an increasingly valuable target for cyber criminals. Medical records sell at a premium because they contain personal data such as names, addresses, medical information, social security numbers, birth dates, and billing information.

Vocera provides the industry leading communications platform allowing physicians and other health care professionals to communicate critical patient information in real-time. Timely exchange of patient health information (PHI) facilitates the best care possible and saves critical time for health care professionals to collaborate on patient care.

Going Beyond Enabling HIPAA-Compliant Communication

Vocera’s Secure Messaging solution enables HIPAA-compliant text messages, alerts, and other information, directly to and from smartphones. Not only does Vocera enable HIPAA-compliant messaging, we have implemented additional security features in place to ward off any further security threats.

Vocera Solutions Meet Stringent Federal and US Department of Defense Standards

Vocera’s security validations firmly establish our position as the leader in secure healthcare communications and go beyond to meet the specific needs of the US Department of Defense.

Ensuring a safe, secure, and compliant communication system for healthcare institutions goes beyond simply enabling HIPAA-compliant communication. When partnering with the US Department of Defense and other Federal agencies, the demands multiply. Vocera leads the market in meeting and exceeding security and compliance standards ensuring sensitive patient health information is protected. 

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