Care Experience Software

Coordinate Patient Care to Improve Satisfaction and Outcomes

Communicate with patients and coordinate care more effectively with intuitive software tools that run on iPads, iPhones, or desktop computers. Create a more seamless care experience to help improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, differentiate, and maximise reimbursement.



Foster purposeful rounding with the right tool. Rounds software runs on an iOS device or desktop computer, and integrates with the Vocera Platform. Alert the right person instantly to enable a prompt response to patient needs. Make it easier to coordinate efficient patient care.

Pre-Arrival Patient Communication

Send timely information to patients prior to scheduled procedures, streamlining the arrival process, improving compliance with instructions, decreasing no-shows and last-minute cancellations, and improving patient engagement.


Patient Discharge

Improve patient satisfaction with the discharge process and help reduce readmission rates. Record personalised discharge instructions and make them available to patients, families, and other care providers to review at any time, on any device. Create and send appointment reminders, tasks, and care messages.

Care Calls

Streamline workflow of patient follow-up calls using best practice checklists, risk stratification information, and recorded discharge instructions.

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Vocera Care Experience

Use one solution to capture, manage and connect the right information at the right time to improve patient experience, communication and care coordination.

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