Engage Mobile

Secure Text with Alarms and Alerts

Most care team communication occurs in response to patient events. This is why the Vocera Engage Mobile app’s integration of clinical alarms and alerts with secure text messaging is so powerful. When an actionable event occurs, clinicians receive notification regardless of the medical device or clinical system from which it originates. From the notification, the medical staff can initiate a secure text message that’s accompanied by relevant information about the patient, care team, and the event. This eliminates the need to transcribe patient events, which can help speed response times. The app runs on Android and iOS devices.


Enterprise-Grade Communication Platform

Vocera offers a single enterprise-grade communication platform that delivers integrated, intelligent communication solutions that adapt to the context of dynamic, mobile situations.

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Care Team Collaboration Solutions

Impact on Discharge Planning, Readmission Rates, and HCAHPS Scores

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Key Features

Key Features: Vocera Engage Mobile

  • Alarm and alert notifications from clinical systems correlated with secure texting
  • Situational context accompanies notifications and informs decisions at the point-of-care
  • Advanced rules filter and prioritize alarms, alerts, and texts to reduce unnecessary workflow interruptions
  • Dynamic clinician and patient directory facilitates fast access to appropriate care team members
  • Allows caregivers inside and outside the hospital to quickly and securely communicate

240-Bed Acute Care Hospital Reduced Patient Falls By 40%

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240-Bed Acute Care Hospital Reduced Patient Falls By 40%

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