Vocera Badge

Vocera Badge

Improve Hospital Communication

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  • Communicate hands-free
  • Receive secure text messages
  • Get prioritised alarm and alert
  • Broadcast to groups
  • Initiate and join conference calls
  • Schedule reminders

Remove obstacles to communication. An optimised speech-recognition engine responds to more than 100 commands.

Reach the Right Person Faster

Communicate in Real Time

Just press a button and say the name of a person, role, or group to reach the right person in the right place at the right time. Quickly locate colleagues and summon help in an emergency. Mobilise code teams immediately.

Now the EMS crews can call in and instantly reach someone in the emergency department. All they have to do is simply say ‘emergency department,’ and the Vocera system routes the call. The right staff member is waiting when the ambulance or helicopter arrives, and they are prepared with the patient′s vital stats in real time.

Shane McGuire, Chief Operations Officer at Columbia County Health System

Significantly reduce ambient noise.

Reduce Noise

Provide a Quieter Environment for Healing

Use broadcast groups to communicate directly and without the noise of overhead paging. Help create a calmer environment for patients and families.

Tom Stafford

Every time I give a tour to the ED to anyone technical, they always tell me it is the quietest ED in the world. It is actually pleasant when you are there. You would never think that it is full when it actually is.

Tom Stafford, Vice President and CIO at Halifax Health

Communicate patient statistics and vital information without leaving the bedside.

Receive Prioritised Alarms and Alerts Instantly

Improve Responsiveness, Help Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Enable delivery of prioritised alarm and alert notifications directly to the right person at the right time.

Overall communication has improved tremendously. Call light response times are going down. Patient fall rates are down. We′ve reduced wait times for transfers and improved patient care across the board.

Stephanie Carpenter, Chief Nursing Officer at Columbia County Health System

Caregivers and staff can reach help instantly, at the touch of a button.

Strengthen Patient Safety

Improve Alignment with The Joint Commission′s National Patient Safety Goals

Enable data to be aggregated from electronic health records and other systems and pushed to the right caregiver. Set reminders to evaluate pain and administer medications. Help prevent infection with antimicrobial technology. Summon help immediately.

The immediate response enabled by Vocera′s integration with the telemetry system is a game changer clinically, in my opinion. The nurse′s ability to initiate processes and call for backup immediately — as they′re placing lines or grabbing medication or doing critical procedures, without having to step out of the room — provides a level of control that′s currently unprecedented.

David Mitchell, Chief Nursing Officer for all of the Baptist Emergency Hospitals in San Antonio

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to connect with a colleague and get a response.

Improve Throughput

Improve Patient Flow in the OR and ED

Streamline communication of bed status updates. Reduce delays, communication cycle length, and the number of communication transactions needed to get something done.

Let’s say the admitting ward needs to tell an anesthesiologist that a patient’s blood sugar results are out of whack, so anesthesia needs to be postponed or recalculated, which could impact the OR schedule for the whole day. Previously, that simple exchange might have taken 10 or 15 minutes, by the time the admitting clerk tracked down the anesthesiologist. With Vocera, the whole conversation can be completed well under a minute.

Bruce O’Donnell, Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Central Maine Medical Center

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Lightweight: 1.9 oz. (53.9 g)

Comfortable to wear and always with you.

Lightweight: 1.9 oz. (53.9 g)
Voice controlled, one button operation

Voice controlled, one button operation

Have a conversation hands-free without disruption to patient-care tasks.

BioCote® antimicrobial technology

Inhibit growth of microorganisms.

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BioCote® antimicrobial technology
Dual-band Wi-Fi and integrated noise reduction

Dual-band Wi-Fi and integrated noise reduction

High-quality speech recognition even in noisy environments.

Long battery life

Swappable, high-capacity lithium ion battery lasts a complete shift.

Long battery life

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See How Vocera Reduces Communication Delays:

  • Halifax Health reduced a 30-40 minute communication process to an instant.

    Reduce Waste

  • Birmingham Children′s Hospital reduced response time from 2 minutes to 9 seconds.

    Respond Faster

  • Evans Army Community Hospital reduced patient falls 88% within 10 months.

    Strengthen Safety

  • Santa Clara Medical Center improved bed turnover rates 50%.

    Accelerate Bed Turnover

  • Franklin Woods Community Hospital decreased noise level to as low as 20 decibels.

    Reduce Noise