Prioritise and Respond to Critical Alerts and Alarms

Timely delivery of cardiac waveforms enables rapid response to help improve outcomes

By transmitting contextual data such as cardiac waveforms and vital signs with alarm notifications, Vocera enables care teams to prioritise and plan their response accordingly. This intelligent workflow saves valuable time and helps reduce alarm fatigue.

Vocera Alarm Management Solution Brief

The average cardiac unit experiences as many as 12,000 alarms a day, 99% of which do not require immediate intervention. Learn how the Vocera Alarm Management solution can help your nurses respond faster to life-threatening situations.

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Alarm Management

The Gateway to Effective Alarm Management

Get this report to learn how innovators like Johns Hopkins Hospital and Boston Medical Center are addressing alarm management, and how the right approach can increase patient safety and improve outcomes.

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Why Is Everything Beeping?

Read what patients say about hospital alarms.

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alarm noise infographic

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