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One in four nurses has been assaulted, and at least 58 hospital workers died between 2011 and 2016 as a result of what National Nurses United calls an epidemic of violence.

As part of a multidisciplinary approach to violence prevention, healthcare workers must have the ability to summon help in a moment of threat.

Vocera has developed wearable communication technologies that enable a caregiver to use voice commands to call for help instantly, or to discretely press a panic button to summon support without alerting the perpetrator who is escalating toward violence.

Discover more about how we are helping to improve safety, security, and well-being for healthcare workers.

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Case Study

Niagara Health Unifying Communications Across the Enterprise and Helping Staff Stay Safe

“The number of people injured in aggressive incidents has reduced by 20%, largely because we now have Vocera technology. Unpredictable things happen all the time in healthcare. Vocera technology helps our staff stay safe, connected, and prepared.”
- Sandy Traynor Workplace Relations Manager at Niagara Health.

Read more about Niagara Health's deployment of Vocera to safeguard staff.

Costs of Workplace Violence in Healthcare


Average jury award per incident in workplace violence cases in which an employer failed to take proactive, preventive measures.1


Annual costs for treatment and indemnity at one U.S. hospital system where 2.1% of nurses reported injuries.2


Amount a New York hospital was fined for failing to keep patients and visitors from assaulting employees.3

5 ways to strengthen staff safety with Vocera

Strengthen Staff Safety

  1. Strengthen communication
  2. Optimize patient flow
  3. Create a quieter environment
  4. Support team members’ emotional well-being
  5. Enable swift emergency communication and response

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Teacher with students around globe


Communicate directly and instantly anywhere in the hotel property with a discreet, wearable, hands-free communication device from Vocera.

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nurses rusing patient down a hall


Reach help instantly in an emergency. Vocera integrates with other campus safety technologies to help accelerate law enforcement response and communication.

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The Vocera Smartbadge is discreet. The hands-free device offers a panic button that is always with you.

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Terri Rebmann, PhD, RN, CIC, FAPIC

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Saint Louis University

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