The Experience Innovation Network Experience Innovation Network

Creating partnerships that advance development of more humanistic care models

Dr. Duffy discusses the need to provide safety and support to clinicians on the frontlines.

Dr. Duffy distills the power of human connection.

Panel discussion including the risks and patient safety challenges involved in social issues.

Membership Programming

Members of the Experience Innovation Network get access to cutting-edge process and technology innovations and help define next practices that advance the human experience of care. Through in-person networking events, targeted webinars, and rapid execution toolkits, members discover big ideas and accelerate their experience improvement execution.

Member Advisory Support

Our on-demand advisors work closely with organizations to build a roadmap for improvement that leverages the voice of the patient, family and staff to drive experience innovations and improve market differentiation, satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty.

Strategy and Governance

Strategy and Governance
Create an infrastructure for experience improvement that drives engagement and accountability.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement
Quickly and efficiently implement and hardwire evidence-based experience improvement solutions.