Lori Stahl

Vice President of People

Lori brings energy, compassion, enthusiasm, and creativity to developing and supporting high performing employees and teams, building exceptional employee programs, and designing and implementing HR systems. With nearly 20 years in HR with progressive responsibility in the tech, insurance, and renewable energy industries, she has worked in or led nearly every human resources discipline and has designed and developed employee benefit and compensation programs. As the head of HR, she provides leadership in developing and executing the company’s human resource strategy and programs worldwide. She has a bachelor of science in health sciences with a minor in marketing from California State University-East Bay, and holds numerous HR certifications.

Articles by Lori Stahl

Vocera: A Great Place to Work

I wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. My aunt is a nurse; my grandmother is a nurse; growing up that is just what I was going be. Two women I admire so deeply had this magical ability to make anything better and I wanted to have that same mystical power of healing.…