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Insights from Sage Growth Partners and Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, chief nursing officer at Vocera.


This Market Guide provides Gartner’s perspective on the value and market direction of CC&C systems.

Vocera helps simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients, while enabling hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency.

Our solutions are also found in luxury hotels, aged care facilities, retail stores, schools, and more.

Help restore the human connection in these challenging times.

Don’t Risk Contamination for Communication.

Amid complexity and chaos, a trauma nurse misses a vital piece of information and a major mistake is set in motion.

You can now say "Hey Vocera" or "Ok Vocera" to wake up your Smartbadge.

One in four nurses has been assaulted. The touch of a button can reduce minutes to seconds and save lives.

Push the dedicated panic button to reach help instantly.

You can place a call by searching your directory or by summoning the Genie on your Vocera Vina app.

Clinical teams at South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust tell the story of how they deliver better and higher quality care.

Communicate hands-free while wearing personal protective equipment.

See how Vocera can help you improve staff efficiency while keeping residents and staff safe.

Since we’ve implemented Vocera technology, communication across our whole site has improved immensely but more importantly, our Residents are secure in knowing that they can connect with a team member in an instant.

Larissa McIntyre, FACN, Executive Care Manager at BaptistCare Orana Centre

We needed an innovative and intelligent communication system to match our state-of the art hospital. As we evaluated our options, it became apparent that Vocera had the unified messaging platform we needed.

Darren Mathers, ICT Director of Child and Adolescent Health Service at Perth Children’s Hospital

We did a time and motion study prior to the implementation of Vocera. Following its integration, we learned it was putting 45 minutes back into the clinician’s day over an eight hour shift, increasing the time they can spend providing patient care. It’s been inordinately beneficial.

Cameron Ballantine, Chief Information Officer at Metro South Health

When Rāwhiti Estate residents call for assistance through their tablet-based device they are immediately connected to a care staff member wearing a Vocera Badge. The ability to speak directly with one of our care staff helps our community members feel secure knowing they have been heard and that someone is on the way to address their needs..

Helen Martelli, Rāwhiti Estate General Manager
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