2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System Technologies

We believe the Vocera Platform is crucial to the next generation of healthcare communication, connectivity, and intelligence.

In this report, Gartner reviews the technologies that are essential to the future of healthcare delivery. Vocera is recognized as a Sample Vendor in five Categories:

  • Next-Generation Nurse Call
  • Care Team Collaboration
  • Smart Care Venues
  • Clinical Communication & Collaboration
  • Alarms & Notifications

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Spotlight on:

Vocera Collaboration Suite

Software that delivers up-to-the-moment patient data and real-time decision making.

There is no delay in patient safety.

You can recognize and respond to a change in a patient’s status and collaborate with the entire care team quickly.

View waveforms and vital signs from anywhere.
Send and receive messages tagged with patient data and care team information.
Seamlessly access calling and secure texting from within mobile EHR apps.

Integrated with Clinical and Operational Systems

“The integration of Vocera technology with our life-safety system is like having our own 911 center. It lets us respond to urgent resident needs faster and more intelligently.”

Karen KempSystems Analyst/Project Manager Covia

Vocera Collaboration Suite

Get real-time situational awareness with critical patient information and immediately collaborate with care teams


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